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Henry has dedicated his life to helping others around him. Henry was born and raised in Mississippi to a large loving family. After moving to Texas, many moons ago, he joined the struggles of civil rights and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration as well as several certifications in Conflict Resolution and Pastoral Care. For over 30 years, Henry Brown has been a noteworthy leader in the City of Dallas as well as his current community of Mesquite, Texas. He has been honored with countless awards and proclamations from State Representatives and recognized for his contributions to the City of Mesquite and surrounding areas. Henry began his career in Community Activism, gaining unparalleled experience in the communitive space, while also establishing himself as a respected Civil Rights Leader currently working in the trenches as the President for Mesquite NAACP since 2018. 

Henry has been a front runner when it comes to promoting cultural awareness in his community. He stands as a founding father of many cultural initiatives such as the 1st Annual MLK Parade of Mesquite as well as the Founder of the 1st Annual Juneteenth Festival the city has ever seen. Although Henry is married with a family and coming up on his 21-year anniversary employed with Dallas Area Rapid Transit, he still finds a way to balance setting a new standard for how to fight for the community so that marginalized members of society’s voices are heard. His commitment to equality is changing the way civil rights cases are handled and justice is being served appropriately.

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